Have you ever flipped over your favorite bottle of lotion and checked the ingredients? Dibutyl Phthalate, propylene glycol, butylated hydroxyanisole, Quarternium-15, 1.4-dioxane, cyclo tetrasiloxane, tetrasodium EDTA, Tocopheryl acetate…

Wait… WHAT? I’m no scientist, but those don’t sound like ingredients I want to rub onto my skin – the largest organ of the body that is incredibly good at absorbing things.

That is why I decided to make my own homemade body butter and boy, am I glad that I did. It is SO easy. And better yet, this homemade body butter is the perfect base for your favorite essential oil combinations.

Here are some of my favorite combinations:

Skin Soothing:

  • 10 drops Lavender essential oil
  • 8 drops Frankincense essential oil
  • 8 drops Myrrh essential oil

Forever Young:

  • 8 drops Frankincense essential oil
  • 8 drops Patchouli essential oil
  • 8 drops Geranium essential oil
  • 8 drops Sandalwood essential oil

Fat Zapper: 

  • 10 drops Lemon essential oil
  • 10 drops Grapefruit essential oil
  • 10 drops Bergamot essential oil

What You Need:

In the summertime, we like to replace some of the coconut oil with shea butter (for example, 1 1/4 cups shea butter and 3/4 cup coconut oil).  In all honesty, you can’t really mess this recipe up!


  1. Melt everything down in a double boiler
  2. Pour into a glass bowl
  3. Place in fridge until mixture solidifies
  4. Whip combined solid ingredients in a mixer on high until it looks like icing
  5. Add your favorite essential oils!

Check out this quick How-To DIY video created by Young Living to see the process.

AUTHOR: Claire VanBemmelen

200-RYT, Certified Health Coach, Essential Oils Education Mentor

Featured photo from theleancleaneatingmachine.com