The Spunky Oils was founded by 4 sisters (Katie, Carrie, Krissy, and Claire) with one goal; to cultivate a community of amazing people on a journey to share a love of Essential Oils and the AMAZING and limitless way’s to use them in everyday life. For the last 2 years, we have been discovering the true power of essential oils, how they can empower us and our families to live healthy lives! We have been sharing our love of oils with others and have grown our sisterhood to thousands! We always thought it was just the 4 of us but Young Living has taught us we can never have enough spunky sisters!

About The Spunky Sisters

KATIE @katie.giordano – Mom of 2 (a curious boy and sweet girl) public health and prevention focused, mountain living, adventurer and traveler at heart, mostly paleo and pretty “granola”

CARRIE @carrieoconnell123 – Mom of 2 rambunctious boys, works 9-5 and then some, animal lover, Michigan State Spartan through and through (Go Green!), and desperate to find time for a little reality tv

KRISSY @krissychin13 – Mom of a BUSY boy, expecting baby 2 in Nov! Pediatric RN turned yoga instructor and oily educator. Loves to share our crazy Chin Family Adventures with the world

CLAIRE @cmariewellness – Sarcastic, single, city-dwelling sister with a creative soul. Yogi who loves to spend time in the kitchen or immersed in a good book with a glass of wine in hands